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White-out Face August 22, 2010

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Once again, I am blogging with the last drop of my favorite clay mask on my face.  SkinCeuticals, “Clarifying Clay Masque”, to be precise.   Unfortunately, I tried a new night time facial cream last night and woke up with little white pimples all over my face.  Now, I rarely get pimples.  Honestly,  the Clarisonic keeps my pores very clean and gives me a nice complexion.  So, since my break out came 10 hours after trying a new product, I can conclude that this lotion is not good for my skin.   Too bad, really.  I was so excited about trying it.  The magazines kept using the words, “beauty break through” or “innovative” when describing it.  Luckily, it was just a sample, so the only thing wasted here was my complexion!

You’ll notice that I did not name the lotion.  I did this on purpose because discouraging someone else from trying what is said to be a good product,  is not my intent.   Beauty is trial and error.   What doesn’t work for me, just might do amazing things for you.  Just make sure you get a sample of it, before you buy it.

Now, since we are talking  Clay Masks………

A clay mask is what you use if you have congested pores, excess oil and acne.  The clay fills in your pores, dries, then lifts all the dirt and impurities out of them.  When you wash the clay off of your face, the grime goes down the drain with it.  When your pores are free of debris, they will appear smaller, one more reason to keep them clean.  I always steam my pores with a hot, damp towel prior to putting the clay on, that way my pores are open and ready to be de-gunked!  If you have oily or acne prone skin, you should be using a mask at least once a week.

As my friend, Pam and I discovered while on the hunt for a drugstore clay mask, they are almost impossible to find!   They didn’t use to be!   I even had to go to another town to find what I was looking for.  Thank goodness for the internet and free shipping.

St. Ives, “Mineral Clay Firming Mask”. This 6 dollar find has a lot of the same ingredients as my 50 dollar mask.  The company uses Kaolin Clay in their mask, which is one of the highest grades of clay.  They also added in Mineral Copper, which helps maintain the skins ability to produce Elastin.  Plus Chamomile to soothe, Caffeine to reduce puffiness and Antioxidant rich, Green Tea to help clean out those pores.  There are so many minerals included in this mask, that I just do not have enough space to add them all in.  Well worth the money.  The trouble is, finding it.  I found mine at Walgreen’s, but it took a lot of hunting.   If you can not find it, has it and so does,

Boots Botanics, “Conditioning Clay Mask”. I first heard about this on the beauty segment of Entertainment Tonight, but I was busy at the time and never researched it further.  Then, I read about it in Redbook Magazine and it jogged my memory.  Oceanic Clay makes the base of this mask.  Oceanic Clay is said to have a negative charge which will draw out your impurities, much like a magnet.  This is one mask that will not only suck up excess oil, it will hydrate your skin as well.  Burdock Root does just that…..hydrates!  One more thing I love about this mask, it is Paraben free!  Available for just under 9 bucks at and Target stores.  It was not at the first store my friend and I went to, but I did find it in another city.  An employee said they fly off the shelves!

Befine, “Warming Clay Mask”. While scouring the isles at Ulta, I came across this little gem on an end cap.  New Beauty once sent me a sample of the brands lip scrub in my test tube and I just loved it.  Also Kaolin clay based, but they also added Antioxidant rich Pomegranate  to fight free radicals and Cardamom to promote the heeling process.  I purposely did not place a hot towel on my face prior to using because I wanted to see if it truly warmed on contact like the box claims.  It does!  About 30 seconds after I applied this to my face, it warmed right up.  I always say the negative points to a product, and this had one.  It was a little hard to spread on my skin.  Felt like putty instead of clay.  Once I got it on, however, I quickly realized how worth the effort it was.  Leave on for 10 minutes then wipe off with a damp wash cloth.  Well worth the $12.99 price tag.  Besides Ulta, it is also available at and

This blog was about drugstore finds and trying to find quality products without spending a fortune.  I really do love the SkinCeuticals mask, but may now be a Befine and Boots convert.  Hey, if saving a little green on a face mask is what it takes to buy more lip gloss, then I’m all for it!


A Little “Frosting”. April 19, 2010

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In just a few short days, I will be partaking in my first 10 mile race.  Today this is exciting and a bit funny, really.  However, by the end of the week I will be in the bathroom non -stop from nerves and contemplating dropping out.  I keep picking on my running mate, Jennifer.  Every time we start our run, she has to pee!  Seriously!  We have to make pit stops every mile or so.  It’s hilarious.  But this will only take away from our time.  She checked the race course and found that the first sign of a portable toilet does not show up until the 7th mile.  This could be a problem for miss-piss!  We’ve advised her that her fluid intake will be halted at midnight.  Cross your fingers………..And your legs if your name is, Jennifer!

There, that should get even for hijacking my Facebook page!

My mother has asked me two really good beauty questions.  Both deserving of its own blog.  I am going to take a moment to discuss the most serious of the two, now.

“Why does the skin around my eye rip and break out every time I wear a frosty or glittery eye shadow?”

This took some investigating.  Luckily, I had a similar effect when I tried using mineral make up, so I knew where to start.   Now, I am not going to list all of the ingredients in your favorite eye shadow pan.  Honestly, if I did, you would stop using it.  I know what’s in it and I continue to use it without prejudice.  I will, however, tell you what frosty eye shadow colors contain that the matte shades do not.

The first ingredient is not very commonly used since it is terribly expensive:  Glycol Distearate.   This is a waxy substance that is found on the scales of Herring.  Yes, the fish!  One way of recycling fish byproduct.    Like I said, this is no longer a common practice since the cost is so high.

Which leads me to the second ingredient:  Bismuth Oxychloride.  This is a chemical compound derived from flakes of the  natural mineral, Bismoclite.    Bismoclite is commonly used in organic and mineral make up lines and will not absorb into the skin.

Now, the last ingredient is the one most often used in make up products when the company wants to add a pearly effect:  Mica.   This is a group of sheet like metals that crystallize together.  The end product looks like a bright, glittery, rock.  This is the ingredient that I ended up having a reaction to.

Theoretically,  since these minerals will not absorb into your skin, you could try putting a barrier between your skin and your frosty make up.  Ever try an eye shadow primer?

Benefit, “Stay, don’t stray”. Apply a few drops of this creamy goodness to your lids and allow to dry before putting on your make up.  Frosty shade or not, I use a primer to keep my lids from getting that oily crease.  This dries to an almost waterproof consistency, therefor, you will need a good eye make up remover to get it off.  Available at, Sephora and Ulta for 24 dollars.

If you’d like the opinion of  a daughter who loves her mothers eyes, why risk it?   Matte shades are just as beautiful and come in a wide range of colors.  If you like the effect that you get from your pearly shades, try dabbing a little petroleum jelly over your eye make up.  Don’t rub, pat it in or the make up will smear.  This gives a gorgeous glistening effect and I promise, all eyes will be on your peepers!

Save the frost for your lip gloss!


Lashes to DYE for! March 12, 2010

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Tomorrow I will jog in my first mini-marathon, and it’s going to rain!  I asked my friend Jenny what I should wear then, because the new outfit I bought just for the occasion is not waterproof.  She advised me to wear a garbage bag.  You read that correctly, folks.   She wants me to wear a garbage bag!

Will I look fat in 3ply?  Seriously, I don’t think Hefty will look good on me.  It may clash with my lip gloss.  Then she explained that running in a rain coat can be hot and heavy.  Not to mention that when the rain stops, you can just peel off the trash bag and resume the jog.  Oh my goodness.  It looks like I’ll be sporting a Cinch Sack in my first marathon!

At least my first race is only 5 miles.  I think I’ll actually be able to finish this one on my feet.   Five miles on the treadmill is much easier than 5 miles on the pavement, and I’m still getting shin splints.  I’d better wake up early, eat a banana, take some Advil and do a lot of stretching on the exercise ball.

Now, for a little beauty!

One of my readers has very blond eyelashes and used to get them tinted at her salon.  She loved how her lashes were always made up and that it lasted for more than a month.  Sadly, her salon stopped offering the service and she’s having a difficult time finding one that will.

In 1938, the FDA passed a law prohibiting the dying of brows and lashes.  The product was called: “Lash Lure”.   The dye itself was formulated with an ingredient called: “coal tar”, which is a flammable, heavy, oil.  There were cases of death stemming from the use of this ingredient, so they banned it.

Dyes have come a long way since 1938, but ammonia can still be dangerous to the eye.  Irritations, infections and even blindness can occur if not applied correctly.   Because of possible law suits, a lot of salons and spas just stopped offering the service.

That does not mean that you won’t find a “do it yourself” kit on the information highway. 

Revlon, “Roux Lash and Eyebrow Tint Kit”. I chose this kit because it’s from a company that’s been around a long time, and I found it on a respectable web site.  The kit comes in brown or black, offers 100% gray coverage and gradually washes out in about 4 weeks.  For about 30 dollars, you’ll get enough product to last for 40 applications.  Available at,

Studio Direct, “Indelible Lash Tinting Mascara”. This is basically a long wearing, waterproof mascara that puts a temporary “tint” to the lashes and requires an oil base remover to take it off.  Water won’t touch it, so go ahead and swim, shower or sleep in it.  Available online at: for under 13 dollars.

Tarte, “4 Day Lash Stain”. The more I read about product ingredients, the more I like some of these organic lines.  This mascara is made up of organic minerals and will stain your lashes for up to 4 days.  If you don’t like the look, you can easily remove it with an oil based mascara remover.  Available at Sephora stores and


Day 12, step away from the soap January 12, 2010

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Two hundred crunches, thirty five push-ups, twenty five squats and a little cardio mixed in.  You would think that I would have lost more than just three pounds by now, right?  Apparently not, since muscle weighs more than fat and I am hopefully gaining a little muscle now.  I won’t be giving up any time soon.  I am determined.  Also, I have decided to give myself a treat.  One Godiva truffle for every five pounds I lose.   Sorry people, but sometimes a girl just needs a truffle!

I have some bad news.  The satin pillow case is going to have to get pitched.  This is a sad day for me, but my husband is happy that he will be able to sleep in the same bed with me and not have to wear ear plugs.  He kept sleeping through his alarm because of them.  We are thinking of having a sacrificial burning of both items.  To be honest, I was not getting a good nights sleep on them and I definitely do not feel any younger because of it.  My hair is already in great shape, so bye bye, satin.

Yesterday I was asked a question about facial washing.  She wants to know what the proper way to clean your face is.  This is actually a very good question and one that I asked my Dermatologist not too long ago.  The goal of washing your face is to unclog pores, remove make up, dissolve dirt and erase excess oil.  Washing your face improperly can actually be harmful to your skin.  Abrasions, broken Capillaries, over drying and redness can all occur if you’re not careful.

Step one:  Wash your hands.  Dirt, grime and germs should never be transferred to your face.

Step two:  Apply a dime sized amount of facial cleanser to your finger tips.  Add a little tepid water and massage into the skin.  Take a wet, Muslin wash cloth and gently rub your face in a circular motion for at least thirty seconds.  Start at the forehead, then the nose, both cheeks and then work your way down to your chin and jaw.

Step three:  Rinse.  Also using tepid or cool water, splash the face a good five or six times.

Step four:  Pat dry, then apply your moisturizers.

You should never was your face with bar soaps that are intended for your body.  These contain Lye and other cleansers that can be very drying to your skin and we all know that dry skin makes you look old.  Also, your favorite body soap contains fragrance, oils and moisturizers that can clog those pores resulting in a break out. This is why they sell facial cleansers, washes and scrubs.  My favorite is: “CO Bigelow Vitamin Boost Gel Cleanser”, this is available at Bath and Body Works and costs Ten bucks.  I read about this in New Beauty Magazine and am completely addicted.  The top selling and most recommended drugstore facial cleanser is: “Cetaphil gel Cleanser”, this too is around ten dollars.   I am also currently using: “Kiehl’s Brightening Botanical Cleansing Cream” in the mornings and people have noticed that my skin is brighter.

Muslin wash cloths can be a little hard to find.  They are available in stores that sell organic materials and online at: or

A healthy face is a young face!